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  2. gay af
  3. hello there Marcus we are very sorry to hear you are not happy with the services of the website and of the community so here is what i suggest you do as this will fix any problems you have FUCK OFF YOU FAT CUNT.
  4. I think we should have a favicon on the website as it shows us that we as a community are some not something shit that Jordan stinks made vote on the poll below
  5. favicon.wav
  6. Another issue that we noticed is that you have misplaced the period/full stop.
  7. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you, we will look into changing this. From the reference image provided we are unsure where you are pointing to, could you please specify with one arrow due to there being arrows pointing in opposite directions.
  8. Hello, I'm here today to make a complaint about snowy terror Aka Jordan Sinks he has not yet put a favicon on the URL of the main homepage and this will not do I think we should find a new developer. I have added a picture to show what I mean and I also added a picture of Jordan stinks so you can identify him
  9. +1 we need a sex shop for Jay
  10. 10/10
  11. fuck off u cunt
  12. LMG.mp4
  13. sex shop
  14. 10/10 would ban this player
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